Guide Prisma-Defender!

Help Prisma-Defender navigate the world of Devtopia, with some help from Prisma Cloud bytes!

Controls: Navigate your character using the arrow keys (up, down, left, right). If you are on your phone, please use the joystick on your screen!

Dots Visual Obtain these radian, edible Prisma Cloud code bytes scattered across the maze to gather points.
Power Orbs Visual Discover these luminous, flashing bytes and watch the cyber viruses turn into a spectrum of hues temporarily, and you can destroy them for extra points!
Spectral Showers Visual Evade these shimmering cyber viruses as they traverse the maze. If a virus catches you, you lose a life!
Chroma Bonus Visual Periodically, a bonus Prisma icon materializes in the maze. Obtain it for more points.

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